Which Charmed One Are You?

Can't get enough of Charmed tests? well then try this one, made by silverjadeprincess by clicking here

1. What would you do if you found out you were destined to be a witch?

I would accept my destiny and try to save as many innocents as possible
Are you kidding me? I would love to be a witch!
Itís OK, I guess. As long as I can combine it with my normal life!
I would rather have a normal life with a husband and kids.

2. What kind of clothes can we expect to find in your wardrobe?

Just casual stuff, I only wear something special when I go out.
All kinds of things, lots of different colors. I wear whatever I like, what others think is their problem.
Classy, designer clothing, very expensive stuff. My sisters always want to borrow my clothing.
I like to wear sexy clothing, I like my body and I am not ashamed to express my strong points.

3. Whatís your dream job?

A social worker, I love to help out other people.
Manager of a Club.
A photographer.
I donít know yet, I just see where live takes me.

4. Whatís your favorite power?

Premonitions and levitation.
Telekinetic Orbing and Healing.
Astral Projection and Telekinesis.
Freeze time and blowing things up.

5. Do you easily forgive people?

Of course, everyone deserves a second chance. Cause everyone makes mistakes, including me.
No, I rarely give people a second chance. They really have to prove themselves if they want my forgiveness.
I tend to forgive people, cause I believe there is some good in everyone. But I will investigate their true intentions before I make a decision.
Like most people I would have some trouble in the beginning, but after a certain period of time I would forgive them.

6. What is your dream guy?

Just someone nice, it doesnít really matter how he looks. As long as he is friendly and there for me when I call him.
Someone strong, good-looking and intelligent.
Someone exciting and handsome, who isnít afraid of a challenge. A real bad boy.
Can I only have one? I first have to try them all before I can tell which one is my dream guy.

7. Which car would you like to drive?

A classy expensive one, preferable in black.
A jeep.
I just like to borrow other peoples cars and I let them drive me
A beetle.

8. Which of these colors do you like the most?


9. Which word describes you the best?


10. What is your favorite movie?

The Lord of The Rings.
I like scary movies like Scream.
I like funny movies with some action, like Men in Black.
Sleepless in Seattle and other romantic movies.

11. If you were a faerie, which one would you be?

The Faerie Queen, cause I am a true leader!
The Earth Faerie, cause I am down to earth
The Water Faerie, cause I like to help and heal people.
The Battle Faerie, cause I am good at fighting

12. Whatís your favorite food?

My own made Spaghetti with a bottle of wine
A Burger and A coke
Caviar and champaign

13. Whatís your ideal night out with a date?

I would rent a movie and cook my guy a romantic dinner
I love to go dancing in the P3 and maybe a romantic walk on the beach afterwards
Expensive Dinner and a movie with a handsome guy
A ride on the back of a Harley Davidson and dinner in a dance cafť

14. What would you do if there were burglars in your house?

I would warn my sisters and give the burglars a taste of the power of three
I would sneak up on them and when they least expect it, I would attack them. Nobody messes with my stuff or my family
I would call the police and lock myself up in my bedroom and hide under my bed
Burglars? When, where? I am such a tight sleeper, I probably wouldnít even notice

15. What do you do on a day off?

I would go shopping
I would clean my room and do other chores I never had the time for
Just sleep late and surf and chat on the internet
I would probably still be working.

16. What do you do when you are angry at someone?

I would try to talk to that person and let him/her know how I feel.
I would go for a walk to clear my mind.
I would lock myself in my room and be cranky for the rest of the week.
I confront them about it and I will most likely yell at them a lot.

17. Would you be a good mother?

Sure, I would do the best I can to be the best mother, even if that means being overprotected.
Maybe, although I would really need the help of my sisters to raise my kid.
In a couple of years I will be the best mother there is. My kids wouldnít miss out on anything!
I am way too busy with my career right now for kids

18. Whatís your favourite neopets game?

Games? I donít play games. I buy and I sell, thatís where the NP is!
Meerca Chase, Kiko Match and Cheat. The easy NP games.
Extreme Herder and Kiss The Mortog
Destruct-O-Match, Carnival of Terror and other shoot-em-ups. I just like blow up things.

19. What do you do when your boyfriend brakes up with you?

I would eat ice cream and watch my favorite movies.
I lock myself in my room for a couple of days and I cry all the time.
I overload myself with work, so I can focus on something else!
Who cares about him? In a couple of days I will find someone who treats me better!

20. Whatís the most extreme thing you would ever do with your hair?

Make a pony tail
Cut it a few inches shorter than normal.
Paint it red.
There is nothing to extreme for me! I would do everything, even though it is a mistake, you never know if you donít try it!

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