P3 Majors

This page is about the P3 Major Classes. On this page are the specific "terms" for joining P3 Major Classes. You will find the names of the available P3 Majors Classes and their Teachers. (Please note that the classes will be opened only when they have both a teacher and at least one student).

Prue: Requires a teacher.
Piper: Requires a teacher .
Phoebe: Requires a teacher.
Paige: Requires a teacher.

These are advanced classes and so in order to get into any of these classes, you must obtain certain grades and condition:
Advanced Astrology: You must get a B grade or higher in Astral Signs to join.
Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige: You must get a B grade or higher in Live Characters and/or Characters to join.
If you take any other class(es) at Magic School then a C grade or higher is required along with the "class specific" grades in order to join a P3 Major class.
You must have a recommendation from the teacher of the "required" class.

Application Form

Should you wish to join a P3 Major class that has a teacher, please follow these steps:
Contact the teacher of the "required" class and ask them to fill in this form and neomail it here.

Username of Student:
Username and Subject of Teacher:
Grade in required Subject:
Subject Applying For:
Teacherís Comments: