Sign Up

This is the "Sign Up" page. Due, to people not knowing where to find the form to sign up for magic school, we decided to make a whole new page for it :)


  • Please check the rules before signing up for a class. Thank You.
  • You can find a list of classes on the classes page. Feel free to check out the class websites before deciding on which one(s) to join ;)
  • If you sign up, you are signing up for the entire duration of a term, and you won't be added until the next new one begins.
    - Visit the Term Structure page to view a term timetable and a summary of what you will be expected to do in a class each term.

    Neopets Username:
    Real Name:
    Guild Rank:
    Class(es) you wish to join:

    If you have any questions about the school please use the Contact form on the contact page

    If (for some reason) you have trouble sending the form please neomail mystical_piper with your name and the classes you would like to join.