This is the update page for the Magic School. There are many projects that are occurring at the moment! Please take the time to go through the list!.

-Sunday, 11th March, 2007:
I suppose I should wish a super-super-super-late Happy New Year since the last update on this site happened in 2006 =P.
Well as you must have noticed there is a new layout, with Shannen Doherty on it.. I thought that it was about time for a new one =].
Also, the new term has started!! =D So everyone who asked to be part of a class during the last term has now been added and neomailed, so get over to your class(es) and get that assignment done =P!
And if any classes interest you then feel free to sign up, and you will be added at the beginning of next term.
Remember, we're always looking for teachers =].
Have a great term!

-Saturday, 11th November, 2006:
Sorry that it took until now to let everyone know, i've been really busy, but the new term has started!!
Good luck to everyone this term with their classes =) We won't be allowing anymore sign ups until the new term, which isn't that long away actually..

-Sunday, 15th October, 2006:
The new term will start on November 1st.
During the term, you cannot sign up for classes.
Thank You!

-Monday, 28th August, 2006:
Kerri (Icklekezzy) is the new teacher of the Relationships Class!
Please see the "Sign Up" page if you want to be a student in her class.

-Thursday, 2nd August, 2006:
Hi there - i'm Sarah (mystical_piper) and i will be taking over the Magic School (as 'acting Principal')..
Hollie (hollieangel3) has made a fabulous job of building up the school and keeping it running, and i'm not sure whether i will be able to keep it as good as Hollie has it now, but i will try (hehe).
I have removed some things from the site/school that are no longer needed - the school's neopets account included. Nobody was able to access it anymore, and since Neopets doesn't allow prizes, the account was pretty much... useless. If you wish to donate to the school, we would appreciate it if you spent your money in TheHalliwellManor's shop (click here!) - all neopoints raised will go to the guild.
Anyway, if you have any comments or questions concerning the school, PLEASE contact me (mystical_piper). ;)

-Monday, 20th March, 2006:
I have, apparently, taken down the update about when the new term started. Sorry about that everyone, I thought it was still here. The terms will now coincide with the Manor Contestís "Seasons", meaning that they will last for 3 months each. The current term will finish towards the end of May and the next will begin at the beginning of June.
Sorry for any inconvenience this mistake has caused.

-Wednesday, 1st March, 2006:
Due to some changes in my own website, some of the banners for the magic school have been updated. Please check our banners page if you were previously using any and they no longer work. Thank You.


There are many classes that still need either students, teachers or both! Please check the appropriate pages (links underneath) if you wish to join a class, or teach one!

Guardian Angels
Go to that site if you are new to the guild. There you can make friends and get help.

Well that is all for now. Please come back for more updates soon.