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FOTM Interview (August 2006) - Connie
By Alice(_bubbly_kizz_)

Alily: How did you feel when you found out your pet was the new FOTM?
Concertina: *Princescia pipes up* I totally knew I was gonna win! *gets shushed by Concertina* I was really pleased... Princescia's a real show-off, as you can see, *Princescia: Am NOT! I'm just sooo perfect that everyone needs to realise it!* so her winning will likely give us all some peace for a bit :P

Alily: How long did it take to make it?
Concertina: *concertina coughs loudly* Princescia: Oh alright... it took my owner a few months to conceptualise and about 3 days to complete the layout plus information... there, happy? :)

Alily: Are you going to enter anymore pets in FOTM?
Concertina: Nope.

Alily: Do you have any other goals?
Concertina: At the moment, no. I've just come back to England and started uni so right now I'm focussing on that. I miss COG tho! I don't have internet at home yet still :(, so I can't go online... hopefully will be back in the new year tho!

Alily: Were did you get the ideas for your petpage?
Concertina: I'm a HUGE fan of the Lost Desert and so before the Sakara Plot I had decided I wanted to make a site detailing all the Lost Desert things and how they relate to actual Ancient Egyptian objects (I'm a history nut too...)

Alily: Clever...Thankyou for letting me interview it has been lovely! Is there anything else you would like to add?
Concertina: Erm not really :P

Thankyou Connie for taking the time to answer these questions, and congratulations on winning FOTM! ;)