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Interviews with Guild Council: Paiges
By Valerie(gallopgurl101)

I’m sure that you, the reader, realize that the council positions on the guild have all been reshuffled. So, we have six brand new Pagies: Erin, Pheebs, Mike, Katie, Lyds and Faus! These six members were chosen to represent our guild, as a result of all of the help, and how active they have been. I caught up with these six new members, to give you details about what they are thinking. I asked them each four questions:

1. How do you feel about becoming a Paige?

2. What do you plan to do for the guild as a Paige?

3. What is your favourite part about the guild?

4. What part of the guild do you think needs the most work?

What Lyds (paigeasher) had to say…
I'm feeling great about becoming a Paige, I've always wanted to do more for the guild.
I think thaty this time around I want to learn how to make graphics for the guild.
My favorite thing I think has always been the friends made and just meeting new people everyday.
The improvements we have made in the last month or so have been great, I think they will help out in the long run. :)

What Erin (ajia228) had to say…
1. I was in shock, I was not expecting that.
2. My plan as Paige is to try to get all members a bit more active and to try to improve the guild into a wonderful place for the whole word.
3. That’s an easy question to answer, my favorite thing about guild is that you meet new people everyday and you always see people that you always love to chat with.
4.To tell you the truth, I think guild is wonderful, and its doesn’t need any improvements. Its just perfect to me.

What Katie (sidecarsistarules) had to say…
1. I feel extremely pleased, honoured and proud to have become a Paige. I wasn't expecting to be chosen so I'm very happy=)
2. I plan to continue doing what I did before I became a Paige but I plan to help out more with the guild, and accept more responsibilities if the situation arises.
3. My favourite thing about the guild is the members, they're kind, friendly and feel like a family.
4. I think the only thing about the guild that needs improving is perhaps if someone sends a neomail to all new members reminding them of the rules, to cut down on the number of under 4 line posts and so that the guild members that do not take heed of advice or posts above theirs know the rules

What Faus (wackytweety92) had to say…
1. Hmm…I pretty much feel really happy!
2. Gosh, I dunno what to answer for this…I want to do whatever I can!
3. Definitely all the people in it!
4. Hmm, I haven’t really thought about it...I guess nothing. I think it is perfect as it is.

What Pheebs (sideline_girl) had to say…
1. I am totally stoaked that I got Paige. I was really quite surprised actually, I didn’t know if I was going to get a council position so I am totally over the moon.
2. Well I applied for a position that I knew I could handle so I plan to help out as much as I can, be as active as I can, and just be friendly.
3. My favourite thing about the guild is the people because they are so nice. I mean, you know if you’re gonna join the charmed ones guild you know you are gonna get the best help and advice from everyone because everyone in the guild is willing to help each other.
4. No way, I think the guild is top notch!!!! You know it.

What Mike (princecool1) had to say…
1) Being a Paige is really great I've been with this guild for a while and everyone on council and especially the guild are amazing and I'm so proud to be apart of a great group of fans who love charmed. Paige is a great position as im in between like middle of council/guild members and im really close with both. To conclude I'd like to thank all of those who did nominate me as a Paige and I'm glad to help out.
2) As a Paige I've been learning to use Photoshop and I'm hopefully going to learn more about it and create new layouts/banners and random fun stuff for the guild. I also love to keep the guild informed about different charmed related news.
3)My favourite part of the guild is the forum/website as soo much goes on and you get to see all the different things that members have created to show their love for the show!
4) I believe that the guild doesnt need work it just needs to upgrade as it will be more appealing to different people now that the series is over. Everything in my opinniong doesnt need work on it just needs to be modified slightly lmao! i sound redundant but the guild is 100% amazing yes for being #1 Charmed Guild!

Congratulations to all of you, you definitely deserve it!