Article - Pipers
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Interviews with Guild Council: Pipers
By Hannah(xxxladyvixenxxx)

Hear ye hear ye! Guild Council Announced!

On 28th March, it was announced that the guild council positions were open for application. Among the shocked and few simply horrified members at the thought that our council had disappeared, slowly but surely everyone began to chatter and concentrate on their guild council application.

Once everyone had put on their best show in the 500 character limit for their application, on 15th April after much pondering from Hannah, Ortal and Ceara, the new council members were announced.

I caught up with the new ‘Piper’s’ of the guild – Hollie (hollieangel3) and Elien (bananagirl_1) and gave them a good grilling! (well… It’s better and healthier than frying ;) ) Unfortunately, Lilea (_lilea_) was unable to answer my questions due to her busy lifestyle but I hope to catch up with her in time for the next issue =)

1. How do you feel about being a Piper now? Excited?

Hollie: I am indeed excited to be a Piper. I think its because I enjoy helping the guild, so really, any position would have been fine, but she is my fav charmed one

Elien: I feel very excited as I wasn't going to apply for a council spot at first but I'm glad Hannah persuaded me as it feels awesome!

2. Were you a member of the council before? If so, what rank?

Hollie: I was a council member before. I was a Phoebe, so have be "upgraded"! Lucky me! HeeHee

Elien: Yes I was, I have been a Leo, Paige and a Phoebe before, I just worked my way up lol

3. How long did it take you to write your application?

Hollie: took me hours and hours to write my application.....well, maybe not quite that long. Took about 10 mins to make it make sense I suppose

Elien: Not that long, I think about 5 minutes, I'm just used to writing applications so I'm getting good at it =)

4. What effect do you feel your presence as a Piper on the council will have in the guild?

Hollie: Hmmm...Im hoping that my "presence as a Piper" (and all other council members) will help make the guild better all round. Everyone on the council are lovely people, so we should be able to keep everyone up to date and happy

Elien: Hard question, I just work hard for the guild, I have many jobs and I love them all so I just contribute to the guild that way instead of posting a million messages on the board. That's the main effect I'll have on the guild, I think... hehe

And finally…

5. In your opinion... which do you feel is better? A pineapple or a mango and why?

Hollie: Pineapple or Mango???....Hmmmm.... MELON!! Erm, no, well probably Mango because I have this yummy smelling "Mango Body Butter" and it makes me want to eat Mangos!

Elien: a mango as I love mango ice cream and milkshakes and I detest pineapple =)

Well there we are, a grilling of Hollie and Elien on their views of becoming a Piper on the guild council! Good luck to both of you and congratulations!

Agent Bandana, The Monthly Charm… over and out.