An Interview With Our Guild Council: Pipers
I caught up with the new ‘Piper’s’ of the guild – Hollie and Elien and gave them a good grilling! (well… It’s better and healthier than frying ;) )

An Interview With Guild Council: Paiges
"We have six brand new Pagies: Erin, Pheebs, Mike, Katie, Lyds and Faus! I caught up with these six new members, to give you details about what they are thinking..."

FOTM Interview September 06: Elien
"It only took me 4 hours to be honest. I was really bored that day so I started to make the graphics and afterwards I decided to just do the whole page.."

FOTM Interview August 06: Connie
"I'm a HUGE fan of the Lost Desert and so before the Sakara Plot I had decided I wanted to make a site detailing all the Lost Desert things and how they relate to actual Ancient Egyptian objects (I'm a history nut too...)"