Trophy Guide

So, you love collecting trophies and just can't get enough or want to start but not sure where? if so, this guide is just for you - presenting some of the relatively easier ways with which you can get a nifty trophie for your cabinet. Good Luck!

Defender of Neopia I and II
DoN are calling you to face evil villians and save Neopia! If your pet is fairly strong and has good weapons, you could try facing the enemy in the BD and see where it goes. For an opponent list check out our Game Guide.

Participating Plots
Every so (very) often, Neopets releases Plots and mini-plots you can participate in and win cool awards later on. If you're a puzzle fan this is defently your way to go. You can always check out the Plot Boards, as TNT creates one regularly to discuss it on, or use guides for the exact steps involved.

Monthly Tournaments
The monthly tournaments include Armada, Geos and Kacheekers. If you're not sure how to play make sure to visit the instructions of each game on its relative link. Most tournaments usualy start around the 1st-3d of the month. If you'll get lucked out, one of the players you matched up with hasn't signed in for a few days now and will continue disappearing through out the tournament - in which case you can click the 'I Win!' button and get automaticlly booted to the next level without even playing! Though the 2nd one might not be as lucky, and you'll have to play it out against someone, but after the 2nd one is done - you got your self a Bronze trophie in the game! If you'll continue playing through out the 3d and 4th weeks you can have a shot at winning the silver and gold as well ;)

Snow Wars
If you're a fan of the classic game of submarines, this is the game for you. There are 10 rounds, in each of them your opponent gets graduatly smarter. around the 3d round you will recieve a medal for playing the game, later on the medal will be exchanged into a bronze, silver and eventually gold trophie. This game costs around 100 NP and you can win all sorts of different snowballs from it, though generally they dont cost much till later levels.

Pyramids is a card game where you have to clear out the pyramid by matching the previous and next number according to the card you have at the top of your stack. Once you clear the pyramid you get a respectable amount of bonus points which later on turn to NP, and if you take fond of the game you can easily earn up to 5k with it a day! For the third place trophie you need to have 1-2 wins, for 2nd you need to have 5 and for gold you must have a streak of at least 2 wins, yet if somewhere around the game you get a streak of 2 wins you will automaticly get the gold trophie, regardless of your current trophie at hand.
Note: The pyramid scoring system is divided into 2 - top over all points and by each consecutive games, this guide helps you to get the single game trophie.

Sakhmet Solitaire
Just like your regular old solitaire, only slightly more annoying considering it refreshes every click and you can only have about 3-4 rounds with the pack (sort of like Vegas style on Windows). It might take a while, but the trophie system is the same as Pyramids, as well as the scoring system.

Mystery Picture
One of Neopets weekly games, you can check for updates on the News page every friday or so. To get the trophie you must be one of the first 250 people to guess correctly the hiding picture. Though it may take a while, you can continue guessing every week and eventually you might just win :)

Go! Go! Go!
While this game may look tricky at first, after a few rounds of playing you'll get the basic drill and slowly manage to out score all your opponents... This game also gives pretty good NP if you win :)

You guessed it right, another card game. Cheat! is probably one of the easiest trophies you can get, by playing your way through pesky little cheaters - make your best not to lie, and if you do make sure you dont put too many cards on the pile, so you wont have to pick them up later. Also, from time to time a faerie will pop up telling you she thinks one of the players is cheating - don't always trust her, she can be wrong sometimes.

Beating Punchbag Bob
For beating Punchbag Bob your pet doesn't have to be very tough - though you will need a respectable amount of time to do so, since you wont be able to come back to the window later if you'll close it. Just keep on beating this poor punchbag and watch out for sid, and once you'll finish his 5,000 HP, you'll get yourself a nifty trophie :)

Round Table Poker
Round Table Poker is a fairly tough and expensive game so only play it if you're really up for a trophie, though if you win you can get triple and more of the price you first played so its your bet to make. If you dont know how to play poker try reading the rules or checking it through out the game, basicly you need to have 2-3-4 of the same number, a full house (when there are 2 and 3 of the same numbers), a straight (4-5-6-7-8, 9-10-J-Q-K etc') a royal flush is when you have a straight that all its shapes and colors match - for more information make sure to check out the rules page. You will get a runner up medal after winning the 5th tournament.

Cellblock is sort of like 5-in-a-row, if you're familiar with the game. For tips on how to beat almost every single time, check out our Game Guide. With this game you will also get a medal first somewhere between rounds 1-2 and will slowly progress to the trophies. Also, there is an avatar you can obtain from playing the game, though its not sure exactly how to get it, so could say its random or above the 10th level (which are the 2 most common rumors).

Flash Games
Every month on the 1st, the scores for all flash games are resetted at 12:00 am NST, and for the following 4 or so hours you can give it a shot and play your heart out for a trophie. It's best to compete for trophies at the beginning of the month since the scores are lowest then, and therefore a lot easier to beat. Some of the easier flash games you can get trophies for are The Castle of Eliv Thade using an anagram solver and getting lucked out (there is one provided in the Game Guide). In addittion, if you're fairly good in Hannah and her Caves and can score about 200k and up - you can try getting those trophies as well.

That's about it for the basic trophies - though you can get around 15 if you'll try them all so its worth a shot, Good Luck! :)

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